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What is Foxy Treats’ Raw Pet Food CSA?

Posted by tasha Posted on May - 04 - 2013

Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a weekly and bi-monthly raw pet food subscription that supports local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen including Foxy Treats Farm. We offer 4 varieties with seasonal organic produce: Lamb, Beef, Chicken, and Ocean Fish. We source only humanely raised grass-fed and pastured meats, and sustainably caught ocean fish (local halibut, local rockfish, and organic certified Shetland salmon). The food is delivered to your preferred pick-up location, and comes frozen in 2lb containers. Custom formulas and quantities available upon request. Email for more info.

Purchase a sample here

Weekly Quantity & Payment Options
Pick-up Locations

Bi-monthly Quantity & Payment Options
Pick-up Locations
Pick-up Days

Click here for Feeding Guidelines & Ingredients

Love the CSA, but don’t live near a pick-up location? Check out our CSA Host Program!
Currently available only to Southern CA residents.

Cat food available upon request, $5.75/lb. 5lb minimum order per delivery week. Order a sample here.

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At Which Retail Locations Can I Find Foxy Treats?

Posted by tasha Posted on Aug - 03 - 2011

Dippity Dog, Oceanside, CA

Kensington Pet Supply, San Diego, CA

PAWSitively Pets Store at the Helen Woodward Animal Center, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Vinz Wine Bar (pupcakes available), Escondido, CA

Allon Clothiers, mobile tack shop, at horse shows up and down the west coast

Quail Hollow Tack Shop, mobile tack shop

Abe’s Market, a nationally acclaimed eco-conscious online retailer

Dog’s Nite Out, San Diego based online retailer specializing in doggy sporting goods

Food Body M.E., San Francisco, CA

Pupologie, Encinitas, CA

Zoom Room, Encinitas, CA

More locations being added soon!

Is there a store where you would like to see Foxy Treats’ line of organic and sustainable products? Let us know by emailing, or let the store know by leaving a request with the store manager/buyer.

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At Which Farmers’ Markets Do You Sell?

Posted by tasha Posted on Jun - 08 - 2011

You can currently find Foxy Treats at the following farmer’s markets in San Diego County:
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What is “Doggy&Me: an organic lifestyle for pet and owner”?

Posted by tasha Posted on Jun - 05 - 2011

A cooking class designed by Foxy Treats creator, Tasha Ardalan, Doggy&Me is a program where an organic lifestyle consisting of ecologically sound choices for pet and owner are emphasized and encouraged right in the comfort of the participant’s home. An evaluation of the pet(s) and owner(s) is conducted prior to the class so that the lesson is tailored to the students’ needs and educational goals.

Doggy&Me participants learn about proper pet nutrition while making a multi-course gourmet meal for themselves and their furry-friend using the same farm fresh ingredients!

Topics typically discussed:
Organic versus Conventional
What do “natural” and “GMO” mean?
Chemical-free flea control
What’s really in commercial pet food?
Super foods for you and your pet
What is a “raw” diet?
Meal planning

Class sizes: individual participant plus pet(s); or groups of up to 5 participants plus pets.
Free on-site pet-sitting is available upon request to keep pets entertained during class.

Classes are currently only available to San Diego County residents and can be purchased online at

Contact to schedule a Doggy&Me cooking class outside of the current service area.

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Why Choose Foxy Treats Skin and Coat Supplement?

Posted by tasha Posted on May - 30 - 2011

Our Skin and Coat Supplement is made from organic estate grown, pressed, and bottled California avocado oil to ensure the best quality supplement possible. The avocado oil is cold-pressed and un-refined. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, it makes an excellent natural anti-inflammatory agent soothing skin irritations such as dermatitis. Great for dogs with allergies!

Naturally concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Use as a food additive, or topically for immediate hot-spot relief.

No GMOs, No Mercury, and No Preservatives!

Made in Valley Center, CA

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How Does Foxy Spend Her Day?

Posted by tasha Posted on Mar - 18 - 2010

Foxy is fortunate enough to spend her days running around the horse ranch enjoying the company of her canine friends.

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What’s Up With the Different Dog Shapes?

Posted by tasha Posted on Mar - 18 - 2010

The different dog breed shapes are representative of some of the dogs Tasha has had the opportunity to love and care for during her life.

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What’s Wrong with Gluten?

Posted by tasha Posted on Mar - 18 - 2010

Gluten causes problems for people who lack the genetic ability to break it down into smaller amino acids that can be absorbed. Since the body can’t break down the gluten, the immune system recognizes it as a “foreign protein”, and attacks it. In the process, the intestinal wall is damaged. For those with a serious gluten sensitivity, you can special order rice flour Foxy Treats for no additional fee.

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Why No Wheat, Corn or Soy?

Posted by tasha Posted on Mar - 18 - 2010

Dogs, just like people, can have debilitating food allergies. Wheat, contains gluten, which can cause problems for people and their pets. Corn is not easily digested by dogs, nor is it particularly nutritious. Corn is used as a filler in most dog food products. Some people choose Foxy Treats because they, not their dogs, suffer from food allergies or Celiac disease. Soy is not necessarily bad for dogs, but feeding your dog soy can result in severe skin allergies, such as excessive itching.

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Why Buy Organic?

Posted by tasha Posted on Mar - 18 - 2010

We use natural and organic products because we believe that food in its purest state — unadulterated by artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings, and preservatives — is the best tasting and most nutritious food available. When you buy organic you are supporting sustainable agricultural practices that do not put poisonous chemicals in our soil, water, air, or on our food. At Foxy Treats we are passionate about creating great tasting, wholesome treats and the pleasure of sharing them with others.

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